iPod Touch 2G jailbroken with 3.1.2 firmware

Photo by ToniVC

Finally got around to installing the 3.1.2 firmware on my iPod.

  1. Get the 3.1.2 (or 3.0) firmware. 
  2. Grab PwnageTool from TPB (you'll need a Mac for this :) )

Everything else is downhill from there. Open up PwnageTool, pick your model, find your firmware and that's about it (unless you want to change boot logo, etc.)

Then restore your iPod with the new [custom] firmware with iTunes. In iTunes, go to your iPod on the left hand side, hold shift and press restore. Find your firmware and that's it.


For those running Windows, you can always jailbreak using redsn0w. I'd say it was well worth the upgrade, there's huge improvements. Landscape mail, able to search your iPod, Bluetooth and numerous other things. When your iPod is playing music, it'll show the album art at the lockscreen. I also noticed it displayed the lyrics for the particular song I was listening to while in the music app.


I'm glad I built that Hackintosh when I did, or else I'd be using redsn0w to jailbreak. Friday it is, nocturnal night it is.


iPhone OS 3.0 is out!

It's finally out! Apple will be releasing it free for iPhone 3G user but $10 for iPod Touch users :(
Anyway, here are some features I picked up from here and there:
+Peer to peer conectivity

+Prompts to buy more levels, etc.. in apps

+More than 1,000 new API's

+Apps access to hardware

+Maps embedable in apps

+Finally cut/copy/paste in apps!

+iPhone/iPod wide search

+Landscape keyboard

+Voice memos

and more....


At the moment, I don't think I'll be upgrade to 3.0. I already have copy/paste, a torrent client (and more) already on my iPod. Do you think its worth that extra $10?

Leave a comment and tell me what you think.


Digg buttons

I added a Digg button module to the site, so incase you find something interesting you can Digg it! I'll also remove the Donate button from the site, makes me look desperate. I'll have to renew this domain or else it expires in 43 days.

I was sorta (meaning, not commited) to working on WorkSimple. Version 1.2.3 should be released soon, a minor release.

Yargh, me be loving me jailbroken iPod Touch! The Cydia store is pretty cool, it's going to be PayPal supported (or so I read) soon.

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Server Stat

There's an app in the AppStore called Server Database. A pretty simple app, made to manager servers and such. Enter the name, address, function for the server and you're good to go. Well, I decided to make my own version of it using iWebKit. You can check it out here. Its pretty simple, it's read only for now. I'll wrap it up in a tarball and put it on the 'Free PHP Scripts' page.  Anyway, just though I'd share that.

I haven't been up to much, other than creating useless PHP scripts. Just been browsing the LovingTech forums.... Well, I'll get to coding and such....


While reading the Loving Tech, I discoverediWebKit. Whats iWebKit? Well, in a nutshell it gives you tools to create a bridge between a mobile website and a iPhone/iPod Touch App. What does this mean? You can make some beautiful websites, easily. For a demo click here. Anyway, I made my private messaging system (which I codenamed 'MailX') a nice little conversion using iWebKit. Check it out here. Its not completely finished, but it works! So grab your iPod or iPhone and check it out!
Update: Maybe I'll post a little tutorial on how to use iWebKit

Another iPod Touch post

Guess who can access their music and any other's (while running Simplify media server)? Me! I figured out that while I have Simplify running, who ever's I also connected to previously I can browse while connected via WiFi. No need to put new music on my iPod, just stream it now. My internet net was out from 20:00 to 04:30, finally got a hold of my ISP (yes, at 4am) and got it fixed. Within that 8.5 hours, I made a simple picture gallery script (email me if you want it). I have 150 free 4x6" prints down at Superstore. I uploaded some pics and sent the order. The site said one business day (not sure what that means though, can I get it tomorrow or overmorrow...?). Anyway, I uploaded some more pics to my Flickr page so feel free to check them out and maybe leave a comment or two. Anyway, I sorta feel like working a bit more on Torrentino or even Web Host.

iPod Touch

Now, I can stream my entire music collection and listen to it on my iPod touch using Simplify. Run the server on your computer (Windows, OS X AND EVEN LINUX!) and connect to it with your iPod. The only thing you pay for is the app on your iPod, which is 3,99$ (CAD). I was trying to get TVersity working on my Dads computer so I could watch videos from his computer. Anyway, I'm installing Simplify Media server on this computer right now, I'll post back in a bit.

iPod Touch 2G

So, I received a Fuji S1000fd (with a 8GB SD card) and also a iPod Touch 2nd generation 8GB for Ymas. I got SSH and some wifi finder apps on my iPod, too bad it wasn't the 1st generation so I could jailbreak it. Oh well, its pretty cool already. I never had an iTunes account, so I had to sign up for one because download/installing apps required one. So I go to sign up and I need enter a credit card number. Outraged, I Googled my problem. I came to a video on Youtube on how to register without a card. Worked flawlessly and I can download/install apps now! Anyway, I also signed up on Flickr so feel free to check out some of my pics. Sorta sucks that I'm limited to 100MB of bandwidth each month; If I go over I'll find a nice image gallery script and host it here. Today is boxing day so I plan to do some shopping (or what I can). Planning on buying a case/skin for my iPod, new earbuds (as I HATE the Apple ones), 8GB flash drive and also maybe a USB hub.