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Gros Mammouth

Well, I've been caught up with school and such so I haven't had much time for blogging (well I have....its just that I'm lazy). Anyway, I turned my CSS server (roppie) into a web server, running here and the main website is here.
We had 2 games today, lost one won the other and 2 games tomorrow, yaay......
Well, I'm off to go watch a movie or something....


Had a basketball tournament all weekend, so I finally get Sunday to my self. One thing that I noticed that was sorta cool (while at the hotel), is that they had a proxy server set up. You connect to their open wireless network, but you can't make any outgoing connections until you enter an access code (which directs you to 192.168.x.x). So, I went to the front desk and picked up an access code. Sorta smart, but why not have encryption on the signal?

Anyway, I'm off to go do stuff today so I probably won't get a chance to code errr whatever.........

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