WorkSimple nearing major release soon

 WorkSimple will be nearing a major release soon, with 1.3.0 (making the old version 1.3.0 a fork (which has yet to be completed)). Some of the new features/stuff include:

  • Completely new module system, making it easier to add/create new modules.
  • HTML code cleaned up
  • Blogging system codebase re-coded
  • Installation process streamlined

 and numerous other stuff and bugs fixed.

 Version 1.3.0 shall be released soon, by that I mean with in the next couple days. Going from 1.2.3 to 1.3.0 is quite the step, so I'll have to make this upgrade worth it ;)

On the subject of making blogs, I just thought about a remotely hosted WorkSimple install. This would be similar to, where users can sign up for a free blog, etc. Interesting idea...

Refernece Wiki

I modified one of my own wiki scripts to conform with iWebKit to make a reference wiki. I was inspired by a PHP reference app in the AppStore so I decided to make my own (sorta). In short, you search for a function and view the correct syntax, etc... Sorta pointless but time consuming Our team might go to the Provincials which is in March sometime Anyway, Friday tomorrow w00t! And the plot thickens....