Version 1.2.1 of WorkSimple, new and old.

WorkSimple 1.2.1 released!

Well I've been working on two version of WorkSimple lately. Version 1.2.1 which has multiple language support and some bugs fixed and also a brand new version of WorkSimple. Updated design and code. I'll release version 1.2.1 and work on the new version exclusively .

WorkSimple 1.2.0 Elektro

Progress of Worksimple 1.2.0 Elektro has been good, now users can change the number of posts per page. I also added a new theme and am fixing up some code. The blogging/post creation part of WS (WorkSimple) has been fixed, where you had to post twice to see the first post. This is going to be the latest stable release, as the last one was version 1.0.2 Biomass. I'll release soon.

WorkSimple 1.0.2 Release, Biomass

Progression of WS (WorkSimple) 1.0.2, codenamed 'Biomass' has been going good. I have fixed the Theme changer, allowing each theme to have its own directory. Some of the code for the control panel has also been re-written. An admin nav bar is in the works. Also in advancement is the install; which has also been semi re-written. Another big development [next] will be a modules API, allowing anyone to create modules for WS. Icons and custom templating will be available soon, as well as the ability to change blog title, tagline etc... Favicon support too. And again, heres is the link to the overview

and the link for to download: WorkSimple 1.0.2 should be released either today (21) or tomorrow (22). Anywho, I sorta destroyed my FreeNAS server errr somehow. I just put in a larger hard drive, to add on to it, but it just wont work. I tried booting it and it will boot whatever the harddrive has on (Easys [Linux] or XP). Now, come to think of it, I never checked the jumper pins.... I messed around in the BIOS for a while and still nothing. Its like I never even installed FreeNAS onto it. I was frustrated so I gave up.....till tomorrow.

Hidden FreeNAS Link

Did anyone notice the little link on the bracket in FreeNAS(version 0.69b2)? I got curious and looked at the HTML source: FreeNAS © 2005-2008 by Olivier Cochard-Labbe. All rights reserved.  [View license] See? The little bracket ([) is a link to Perhaps the author(s) feel the need to support human rights...Seemed kinda strange to me, anywho.... WorkSimple 1.0.1 should be released soon, I have the theme changer working, so you can login to the CP and change the theme. I also still need to add a page where you (the user) can change site info (website name, tagline,post/page, etc...) Other than that, everything is going along fine, I'll [try to] do what I said above ^ and also make some more CSS themes. I'm messin around with FreeNAS right now, so I'll post back later.