Thanks Nyko, now I have an unusable Xbox!

A little while ago, I wrapped my 360 in a  wood Oblivion Xbox 360 skin. Lately, I've been getting more RROD's than usual. I'd be in the midst of a game and it'd shut off with three red flashing red rings. I've had the Nyko Intercooler on my Xbox for the last couple years and, I thought, would make the RROD problem go away. Apparently not. So today, I took off the Intercooler.

Picture is of the Intercooler.

Nice scorch marks there.

The power connector on the back of my Xbox 360

Nice! Without the Intercooler, my Xbox doesn't turn on. With the Intercooler it runs for a couple minutes. As you can see, there's obvious burnt plastic. When I took the Intercooler off (which was a bit hard because it melted), bits of crap (best way to describe it) fell off. Looked sort of like dried up snot actually...

This is my second Xbox now and I'm pretty sure I can't send it back now, so, I'm screwed.


Still Waiting

So I phoned the XBox support line...and apparently they JUST received my 360. After almost 2 and a half weeks, they just got it. I'll be waiting another 2 and a half more to get it back...just wonderful. I'm stuck with watching movies & playing games on my computer till then. I installed Debian on one of my computers, and was trying to transform it into a firewall ALL weekend. I'm not sure what I did wrong, eth0 worked fine, maybe it was just the NIC...or the stupid hub I have. I have plans of moving all my computer stuff elsewhere so..... Anyways, I have school tomorrow...ugh..not exactly looking forward to it.

Xbox 360 Sent (Sending!)

Well I just got off the phone with Xbox 360 support. I got all the info and I'm sending my 360 out probably tomorrow (Yes, I have the Red Ring of DEATH!). Apparently I'll be getting it back in a couple days, hopefully not too long. I guess they're putting in the Opus mobo. Heh, I just Spore [the game] came out on the 2nd so uhhh let's say I'm 'getting it' and 'numerous other movies' ahem. Also intriguing, I found 2 more SD cards, both 256MB's and also another 1GB for my Eee. I'm also going to try this script ( too, which I can change the fan speen on the fly. What sorta sucks is that my Nintendo WiFi connector that I use as a mini-tower can only connect to WEP networks, not WPA. (But the upside is that I can crack WEP, so obviously......). I can't till this week is over, I get Friday off so another day of coding! I had a firewall I was going to set up (Old computer + A couple Linux distros + Patience = FW) but then forgot.