Xbox 360 Sent (Sending!)

Well I just got off the phone with Xbox 360 support. I got all the info and I'm sending my 360 out probably tomorrow (Yes, I have the Red Ring of DEATH!). Apparently I'll be getting it back in a couple days, hopefully not too long. I guess they're putting in the Opus mobo. Heh, I just Spore [the game] came out on the 2nd so uhhh let's say I'm 'getting it' and 'numerous other movies' ahem. Also intriguing, I found 2 more SD cards, both 256MB's and also another 1GB for my Eee. I'm also going to try this script ( too, which I can change the fan speen on the fly. What sorta sucks is that my Nintendo WiFi connector that I use as a mini-tower can only connect to WEP networks, not WPA. (But the upside is that I can crack WEP, so obviously......). I can't till this week is over, I get Friday off so another day of coding! I had a firewall I was going to set up (Old computer + A couple Linux distros + Patience = FW) but then forgot.