Red Fire
Just got home a little while ago, from a basketball tournament. So far, we're 3-1. I got some energy drinks, so I sort of planning on coding. Perhaps working on Torrentino, or something of the sort. Theres LOTS to do with WorkSimple, I mean LOTS. I have to recode EVERYTHING. Rather not right now, Torrentino seems easier to work on. I still need to get the browse part working properly. I'm off to go do something, I'll post back Sunday or Monday.


For once, I have nothing to post about. I haven't gotten anywhere in coding (atleast, not yet). Work still sucks, I got my paid today, althought it's not in my bank account 'till tomorrow. I was [quite] bored and found this quote (it seems to describe every Friday and Saturday night for me): "Programmers are tools for converting caffeine into code." I'll come back and post either tomorrow or Friday, or sometime when I have inspiration.....
I finally think I'm going to learn PostgreSQL as this current webhost ( supports it (thanks to mknjhill) and also has phpPgAdmin. I got some energy drinks and some 6-hour energy pills so I think I'll be good tonight and hopefully get some work done.

To-Do list

Heres my list of things to do: EngX -Add crawling functionality -Fix search box Web Host -Fix security flaw -Add frendlier CP UI Jab( A.K.A Gup Beta (work in progress) -Fix login security -Order posts correspondingly -Add a comments feature for posts Memo(Facebook application)Secondary link: -Fix uploading -Add UI elements P.S. If you have any feedback about these scripts/projects, feel free to comment :D I just drank half a bottle of Hardcore Energize Bullet ( Apparently, it has more ounce for ounce compounds comparing to other energy drinks. Speaking of that, I should take some pics of my energy drink can collection(60+ cans/bottles). I really do have quite a big collection, from Monster MIXXD to Bawls Guarana(which I love). Then again, I still have a bottle of 6 Hour Energy left. I think this is going to be a productive night....