Born again Torrentino

Photo by * Cati Kaoe *

After virtually no offers on Torrentino,Torrentino is back up and running. (Might be slow at the moment). Now, to fit in a niche, it's a electronic music tracker + search engine. Enough to satisfy my needs ;) I'm a psytrance addict and sometimes it's hard to find the albums I want. Anyway, it has new categories (numerical system now, used to be by keyword) and most of the code has been looked over and over...and over.

Edit: I no longer own


I read this way back when, and thought it was a pretty cool project. Now, I've sorta invented my own take on it. Here's how it works:

you upload a file, which splits the original file up into 4 seperate base64 encoded text files. So you're left with four files, each part of the original. Then, to restore it, you'd upload the four original files and you'd get to download a .bin file (which you can rename). I thought it was pretty cool.

One use I could think of it as, is a not-so-legal file 'sharing' site. Instead of linking to copywritten files, or uploading copywritten files, you would simply post the text files, or post the base64 encoded text some where (ie, codepad etc.). Seems like an intriguing idea.