How to get rock hard abs in a week


So you wanna get rock hard abs eh? Follow these 5 steps, and you'll get those washboard abs in a week!





Don't you follow my blog? Since when the hell did working out come into my blog. 

Here's how it worked out in my head:

"hey lets do something funny"

"like what?"

"like snatch all the users that follow me on Twitter and to read this blog post"

"but how?"

"must be something completely unrelated yet related at the same time"


I crafted the headline. People will be like, "ohai kewl i want abz". Then when they get here "oh wtf i c wat u did thar". 


This is turning into a rant.

I think this may be my most creative blog post.

As compared to my usual computer/networking/hey-lets-build-a-nas/hey-lets-build-a-server/coding/programming type of posts.


I hope this made you laugh. 

Actually, I don't. I just said that to make it sound cutsey.



This one has baffled me for a long time