iPod Touch 2G

So, I received a Fuji S1000fd (with a 8GB SD card) and also a iPod Touch 2nd generation 8GB for Ymas. I got SSH and some wifi finder apps on my iPod, too bad it wasn't the 1st generation so I could jailbreak it. Oh well, its pretty cool already.
I never had an iTunes account, so I had to sign up for one because download/installing apps required one. So I go to sign up and I need enter a credit card number. Outraged, I Googled my problem. I came to a video on Youtube on how to register without a card. Worked flawlessly and I can download/install apps now!
Anyway, I also signed up on Flickr so feel free to check out some of my pics. Sorta sucks that I'm limited to 100MB of bandwidth each month; If I go over I'll find a nice image gallery script and host it here.
Today is boxing day so I plan to do some shopping (or what I can).
Planning on buying a case/skin for my iPod, new earbuds (as I HATE the Apple ones), 8GB flash drive and also maybe a USB hub.