Qui est l'exemple


School's started, which is just great. I won't go into great detail, as it'll bore the shit out of my readers (that is, if I have any).

I'm in an 'IT' course, if you can call it that. So far, it's ridiculously easy.
"Ooh, get it to boot from CD/DVD, start up Norton Ghost, and install XP using the image provided".
Yes, and people needed help doing that. People who were already in the same class last year, needed help.

What made me LOL, is when the teacher asked how many computers [and what they run] everyone had. Course, he didn't get to me. Anyway, seems like everyone uses Vista (kewl dewd) or some 1337 h4xx0r use Windows 7!

I, myself, have 9 computers (two notebooks, one workstation (this one) and 5 other servers) all running Debian (Lunix????????). Just frustrates me :@

I haven't been blogging lately due to the stuff going on everywhere. Here's a cool story:

I run the Torrentino [BitTorrent] tracker (last time I checked (months ago), it had about 250 peers and which runs OpenTracker). Lately, my network has been slow as hell, my ping has been as high as 3000ms. That's right, 3000. So, what's going on?

The tracker uses UDP and TCP, you see. So, I disallowed TCP for the tracker through the firewall, and everything was fine. But, there wasn't even that much traffic. UDP still works, which is even better than TCP, especially for BitTorrent.


Odd indeed.