TPB sold out

'Drinking' from the /. Firehose, I came across numerous stories that TPB sold out. Couple minutes later after some Googling, it seems they sold TPB for 7.8$ million (SEK 60 million). I bet they'll be going the Napster way of things and make shitloads of money.

Isn't it something like half of all torrents use TPB as a tracker? Over at TF, they'll be decentralizing things. They [TPB guys) were fined 3.5$ million, but they said so in their blog that they'll be using the money to "help with freedom of speech, freedom of information and the openess of the net."
It's sad though, disapointing in one way or another. I'd also guess that Mininova is next.

Here's some links to chew on: