Jack Layton has spoken about BitTorrent and P2P, calling them "fundamental to democracy.". Only if I could vote.
Stephen Harper is supporting ACTA and bill C-61, so NDP seems the only 'safe' way.....
(via http://torrentfreak.com/canadian-democrats-are-pro-bittorrent-and-agains...)

In other news, I got my 360 back (see my previous post) after 1 month. I had a custom decal on mine, I got a new 360 so it doesn't matter anymore.

I got an email from my ISP the other week, since I was 100GB's (105GB's to be specific) over the monthly bandwidth (for September). So, the head office phoned gave me a phone number (the local ISP's location) and a reference number. I phoned them up, since I'm not 'on' the account, I can't really do anything. I asked the guy what it was about, he replied 'the internet'. Thanks for being specific, dickhead.

Anywho, I have some family stuff planned, I'll work on 'The Torrent Site' (not planning on publicly releasing it yet) later and post back here soon.


Hope the RIAA/FBI/MPAA won't be knockin' at your door, for all that "downloading".