Born again Torrentino

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After virtually no offers on Torrentino,Torrentino is back up and running. (Might be slow at the moment). Now, to fit in a niche, it's a electronic music tracker + search engine. Enough to satisfy my needs ;) I'm a psytrance addict and sometimes it's hard to find the albums I want. Anyway, it has new categories (numerical system now, used to be by keyword) and most of the code has been looked over and over...and over.

Edit: I no longer own


I read this way back when, and thought it was a pretty cool project. Now, I've sorta invented my own take on it. Here's how it works:

you upload a file, which splits the original file up into 4 seperate base64 encoded text files. So you're left with four files, each part of the original. Then, to restore it, you'd upload the four original files and you'd get to download a .bin file (which you can rename). I thought it was pretty cool.

One use I could think of it as, is a not-so-legal file 'sharing' site. Instead of linking to copywritten files, or uploading copywritten files, you would simply post the text files, or post the base64 encoded text some where (ie, codepad etc.). Seems like an intriguing idea.


It's finally Friday, been waiting all week. I now have four spare processors, dual Xeon socket 604 processors. It'd be great if I could use them.... Also have some RAM too, 4GB's in total!

Torrentino has been running fine so far, server load has been low. PunBB uses a small amount of CPU usage, Torrentino itself (the system) uses next to nothing. One server for the front end + PHP, another for static content (CSS, images, etc.). I could have another server just for PHP processing, if needed. Well, atleast I'll have the hardware to expand ;)

I implemented sub cat's (categories) into Torrentino the other day, hopefullying making it more organizable (?). Next thing I'll have to tackle is being able to sort torrents (seeds, leechs, size) which doesn't seem too hard. Also looking for a new design, as this one sucks.


Mininova has started filtering content on some selected torrents. A way to get around it is:

  • Make your files a .rar, .zip. tar.gz whatever and password protect it.
  • Put it in a folder
  • Create an image with the password to the archive (not text file!)

Anyway, any comments on Torrentino or my work in general, is appreciated! Thanks!

.NO Domains

.NO domains aren't cheap. Around the 240-400$ area to be general. I was thinking of buying a new domain for Torrentino making it

Anyway, I tweaked Torretino a bit more; editing lighty configurations and such. PHP too!


I'm also desperate for a new design for Torrentino, if you have an idea or offer, pleeeeeeeeeeease post a comment.

Moving Torrentino

Finally found a place for Torrentino. Now, it uses two servers; one for dynamic content the other for static content. I modified the backend a bit, so it might be slightly faster.

The design still need some work. So if anyone has any ideas, or would like to create a usable design for Torrentino; go ahead! If so, your name will be mentioned on the about page.


Anyway, I'm off to go tweak some stuff....



Torrentino has been sitting there for a while now. I'm in desperate need of a offshore host (preferable the Netherlands!). If you have any offers, please leave a comment.


I don't know whats wrong with people and the grudge they have against torrents. The torrent files do not contain anything incriminating. Sure, some of them may point to 'illegal' or copywritten material but the files don't contain shit all.




Anyway, I'm just setting up some local servers, getting things organized.

Thinking of buying either a UPS or a new switch. Ideas?

Same shit, different day

I've been looking for a reliable 'offshore' [web] hoster to host Torrentino. If you have any offers, I'd be pleased to hear 'em.

Work has come to a halt, I guess I've just been tired. Ticketto is still..very beta. Maybe I'll FTP a working version somewhere a bit later. WorkSimple 1.3.0 hasn't been completed. Or maybe it as...I can't remember.

Satelite has been out for a bit, too lazy to fix it so I've just been watching House (the show, not the noun...or whatever). 


Considering there has been little to none for comments, I guess there will be no free domain contest.

Anyway, as usual comments are appreciated (I don't get enough!)


My ISP phoned today, two times. I've been going over my monthly bandwidth cap every month, so I could understand that they are mad at me. Back in November, I went to 120GB's that month. January, I was at about 80GBs (60GBs is my cap). I half put up an ad to sell Torrentino. I just don't have the time to maintain it anymore. Its come a long way since October 3rd. Comments are appreciated :D