Got around to updating everything today. Updated 4Box Hosting's website, torrentino.net's whois in fo, my portfolio and my LinkedIn page.


Went camping all weekend, not as fun as I thought it would be.


Server's been running fine, the tracker has been running smooth too. A nice 19" rack would be nice....



So, we moved 4Box Hosting to a new server (since it was on the clients server) the other day. The WHMCS SQL DB imported fine. But what else did I miss? The email forwarders. Great. Even the email accounts weren't set up. So for the last couple days we haven't received any emails, only those from from WHMCS cronjobs.


So around 11:49 (or so) I woke up, checked 4Box Hosting's email to see if there was any new stuff. Every two hours, a cron job runs so I get a shitload of emails. Anyway, so I finally see an email notifying me that I there is a new support tickets. Great. Wonderful. The last thing I wanted to do was to get my ass out of bed. Finally answered the ticket, well not fully but good enough. One of our best customers ordered another package, which is fine but he/she wanted their old WordPress DB backed up and then restored with us. More fun! 

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