Я ухожу (Ставлю точку)

Photo by Sam Takes Photos'

It's official, I'm selling Torrentino. I've had no time to maintain it at all, it's a great site though. Hand coded from scratch, which I'm quite proud of. Anyway, selling it for $30, but I'll take anything else (use the Contact page if you have an offer).


Scary that I post less and less these days. I have been doing nothing the last couple weeks. I 'have' seasons one through 6 of The Sopranos which I've been watching non-stop. Bruno (movie) was quite disapointing, not as funny as I thought.


I've started a new PHP blogging script (ughh). Although it's supposed to be a fork of WorkSimple, it's quite the opposite. Every post is a complete new HTML page, so no PHP in the page at all making it lightweight. Other than that, I created a mock Twitter script, but instead of short messages, it's pictures.

Actually, one of my nicer looking projects is Sysode. I thought of it initially as some Dropbox like site, but it didn't turn out that way. It's more of a  project management/file archival site for uhh stuff.

As mentioned in my previous post, I made a album notification script inspired by Last.fm somehow named doobleg. Click here for an example.