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10 ways to promote your blog

Here's a list comprised of the tools and techniques I used to promote this and other sites:
1. Twitter
Millions of people use Twitter, why don't you?
2. Forums
Target your niche of blog or site by joining the appropriate forum and post links in your signature.
3. Directories
Submit your site/blog to a link directory.
4. BlogCatalog
Connect with other bloggers and promote your blog.
Post comments on other peoples blog; chances are they'll post comments on yours.
6. Backlinks
Trade links with other webmasters/bloggers.
7. Dofollow
Make sure your blog is dofollow
8. P2P
Beleive it or not, I posted links to Torrentino in multiple torrent comments and readme files.
9. Find your niche
You must find your niche on the internet. Build your personality. Sure reading a blog about someones everyday life might be interesting, but reading a blog about someones life as a janitor might be even more interesting.
10. Give away stuff
Everybody likes free stuff. Give away domains, ebooks, knowledge, whatever it may be.
Anyway, I hope that helps anyone who needs more traffic to their site :)
Comments are appreciated.


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Respond to your users comments. If someone comments on your blog, interact with them by responding. This is one of the best ways to get people to return to your site, and is perhaps one of the top techniques to get your blog popular.

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