I'm not into social networking or that kind of stuff, but I decided to join Twitter instead. I installed two apps for my iPod for Twitter and I guess I exceed 100 requests an hour.
...So I decided to make my own microblogging site. Sounds like another useless script....but oh well, something to pass the time. Sounds like a good idea? Leave a comment and let me know.


It seems I get quite a number of hits from this blog entry. Below, I've included the microblogging script I made. 

Download here: http://geekness.eu/sites/default/files/team.zip

To install/use this script, create a directory called 'db' in your doc root and move 'team.csv' in there, also put 'ptb_ini.php' and 'pjjtextbase.php' in your doc root. And that's it. The script is quite infinished and exhibits horrible coding. Use at your own risk ;)

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