As some have you noticed, my site ( has been suspended the last couple days. How? It all started when Torrentino was undergoing maintainence. I needed to move Torrentino to a server, so I could work on Torrentino a little more which I ended up parking and here (on my account).


You see, Torrentino's website and tracker uses the same IP, and obiously, same domain name. So, when I moved the website to a different server, Torrentino's tracker didn't work since well, it doesn't exist on this server. But why did the site get suspended, you ask? Seems like BayTSP (yes), emailed the ISP who (I'm guessing) leases lines to the datacenter where, ta da, my website and Torrentino is hosted (temporarily). You can read the letter here:

I eventually pointed back to the original servers which sorted everything out.

Long story short, don't host any bad bad bad torrent sites/trackers in the US or you'll get a nice letter from a reasonable organization; FUD.

But anyway, it was about the tracker. I didn't create a torrent using Torrentino as a tracker. 'Being held liable' my ass.


I'm planning on selling Torrentino, so if you have any offers I'd be glad to hear them.

On another note, I finally set up a NFS server which hosts the files for me webserver (which is currently serving up Torrentino).

I haven't been coding anything lately since I've been interested in mycology recently.