Block sponsored ads on Kijiji with a Chrome Extension

The amount of sponsored ads and injected ads on is staggering. When you search for an item and no results are found, Kijiji will "fake" results and add multiple pages....of nothing. Say you searched for a dining table, you might receive a few real results, while the rest of the pages are ads.

Taking a look at the before and after below: 

 Powered by rage, I created a Chrome extension to fix this. It removes paid ads (especially auto dealerships), bumped to the top ads and all content from Wayfair and 3rd party sites. While it should to no surprise in 2023 that sites are littered with advertisements, the ads on Kijiji are intentionally misleading, thinking they are approved ads from the company itself.


Google Chrome dev on Linux

Google officially released Chrome for Mac and Linux.

Grab the x86 .deb package here, and run dpkg -i google-chrome-unstable_current_i386.deb 

Got around to installing Chrome on my Thinkpad running Xubuntu. I can say for sure that it uses less resources compared to Firefox. For the most part, it works. Google stresses that it's not suitable for general use, there are many privacy features that just aren't there yet. I haven't had it crash...yet.


In other news, I'm still sketching out the plans for Sysode. One thing that might be a pain, is automation. I dreamt of it being similar to Dropbox, but I make web shit not software. I'm also looking for a graphic designer to make a logo for it, so if you have any offers leave a comment ;)