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School's been pissing me off, most predominately ICT (IT) class. Guess what we did the other day? Used Norton Ghost and re-imaged a install of XP -again. Today, we learned about the BIOS (of which the instructor pronounced 'by-oss'). Ooh, how fun! One of the kids (who was supposed to be a 'smarter one') pronounced ethernet as 'ether-net', instead of the long 'e' sound. Frustration followed.

I got a hold of a screaming fast 486 the other day, running at 166MHz with a whopping 64MB's of RAM! W00t! It also had a tape drive, whive I've never seen. Anyway, I ended up putting DeLi (console version) on the POS and well, it runs smooth. The other distros I tried (Slackware and Debian) didn't detect the PCI and ISA NIC, but apparently DeLi did. I updated the repo's and the system using: pacman -Syu

Once that was finished, I installed lynx of course with: pacman -S lynx


I'm actually surprised that it's running as good as it is.

After reading an article about OpenSolaris vs Linux on /., ZFS really appealed to me as I'm building a RAID5 array. Then again, would I even need ZFS if I'm using RAID5?  I think I'm still confused about RAID [5] in that case, anyway.

So, for conversation's sake, say I have three 40GB hard drives that I'm making into a RAID 5 array. When I install the OS, where would those files go? Or would I have to set a seperate partition for the system stuff and let the rest for the RAID array? I'll have to do some serious Googling.