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With school finished with the exception of an exam or two and my domain back, I think I'll now have the motivation to get shit done.

Sysode is nearing completion: one of my projects that looks have decent. On the bad side, it uses PTB which would make it hardly scalable if at all. I could recode it so Sysode uses SQLite but I'd rather write it from scratch than transfer it. To make it feel better, a VPS would be ideal but wouldn't solve the problem.

Anyway, with my domain back (woot!) I think I'll go about fixing some stuff on this site.



So, what's new?

Back in school, so that's just great. Thought I'd write a post, since I haven't for a couple weeks now. Was planning on working on WorkSimple the other day, but didn't. Set up a CS:S server, running pretty good too @ 1.8ghz with 512MB (Debian with XFS of course). 


I found myself having a TI-83+, but no sync cable. So, I tried to use the same type of cable that was used for a PDA but no luck. There's some pretty cool stuff you can do with the TI's. Just and update, I'll write another post in the coming days with some stuff that I've been doing.


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School's been pissing me off, most predominately ICT (IT) class. Guess what we did the other day? Used Norton Ghost and re-imaged a install of XP -again. Today, we learned about the BIOS (of which the instructor pronounced 'by-oss'). Ooh, how fun! One of the kids (who was supposed to be a 'smarter one') pronounced ethernet as 'ether-net', instead of the long 'e' sound. Frustration followed.

I got a hold of a screaming fast 486 the other day, running at 166MHz with a whopping 64MB's of RAM! W00t! It also had a tape drive, whive I've never seen. Anyway, I ended up putting DeLi (console version) on the POS and well, it runs smooth. The other distros I tried (Slackware and Debian) didn't detect the PCI and ISA NIC, but apparently DeLi did. I updated the repo's and the system using: pacman -Syu

Once that was finished, I installed lynx of course with: pacman -S lynx


I'm actually surprised that it's running as good as it is.

After reading an article about OpenSolaris vs Linux on /., ZFS really appealed to me as I'm building a RAID5 array. Then again, would I even need ZFS if I'm using RAID5?  I think I'm still confused about RAID [5] in that case, anyway.

So, for conversation's sake, say I have three 40GB hard drives that I'm making into a RAID 5 array. When I install the OS, where would those files go? Or would I have to set a seperate partition for the system stuff and let the rest for the RAID array? I'll have to do some serious Googling.

Qui est l'exemple

School's started, which is just great. I won't go into great detail, as it'll bore the shit out of my readers (that is, if I have any).

I'm in an 'IT' course, if you can call it that. So far, it's ridiculously easy.
"Ooh, get it to boot from CD/DVD, start up Norton Ghost, and install XP using the image provided".
Yes, and people needed help doing that. People who were already in the same class last year, needed help.

What made me LOL, is when the teacher asked how many computers [and what they run] everyone had. Course, he didn't get to me. Anyway, seems like everyone uses Vista (kewl dewd) or some 1337 h4xx0r use Windows 7!

I, myself, have 9 computers (two notebooks, one workstation (this one) and 5 other servers) all running Debian (Lunix????????). Just frustrates me :@

I haven't been blogging lately due to the stuff going on everywhere. Here's a cool story:

I run the Torrentino [BitTorrent] tracker (last time I checked (months ago), it had about 250 peers and which runs OpenTracker). Lately, my network has been slow as hell, my ping has been as high as 3000ms. That's right, 3000. So, what's going on?

The tracker uses UDP and TCP, you see. So, I disallowed TCP for the tracker through the firewall, and everything was fine. But, there wasn't even that much traffic. UDP still works, which is even better than TCP, especially for BitTorrent.


Odd indeed.

Nothing exciting has been happening lately. I've had school last week (and this week, of course), so I've been sorta occupied. Monday I ordered a 'USB Memory Watch 4GB' from, so it should be in today, hopefully. Anyway, since there is nothing else to post about errr I'mma going to go play Fallout 3......

Being Sick... I've been sick the last 2 days and even right now I feel under the weather. I've been missing quite a bit of school work and I'm not exactly looking forward to that. Although, I might go to school later in the day.... Anyways, nothing else interesting has been happening so nothing new to write about......hmm....well then.......

Back to Hell (week 2)

Well its the 2nd week of school...and it still sucks. Same as usual I guess, its school. All I can say is that school sucks. So does homework. On the geek side, coding has been at a stand still. Computing hasn't though. I downloaded about 20 distro's yesterday, mostly firewall ones. Since I have 2 [wait, more like 3] unused computers (I use 5 regularly), I felt like transforming one into a firewall/router. Anywho, I feel like chatting on IRC, so off I go.
Life In Hell
Well I'm back to that thing called school so I'll probably end up not doing as much coding as I do. Although, I did off school early today (camping) so I might work on something. Anywho, I'm off to mess with my EeePC (Which is running BT3) now, and crack the WEP here...again...for fun.