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To-Do list

Heres my list of things to do:

-Add crawling functionality
-Fix search box

Web Host
-Fix security flaw
-Add frendlier CP UI

Jab( A.K.A Gup Beta (work in progress)
-Fix login security
-Order posts correspondingly
-Add a comments feature for posts

Memo(Facebook application)Secondary link:
-Fix uploading
-Add UI elements

P.S. If you have any feedback about these scripts/projects, feel free to comment :D

I just drank half a bottle of Hardcore Energize Bullet ( Apparently, it has more ounce for ounce compounds comparing to other energy drinks. Speaking of that, I should take some pics of my energy drink can collection(60+ cans/bottles). I really do have quite a big collection, from Monster MIXXD to Bawls Guarana(which I love). Then again, I still have a bottle of 6 Hour Energy left. I think this is going to be a productive night....