I'm for sale.

 I'm starting to freelance now, so I'm up for any work and make an attempt to build my portfolio. I'm available to do any work, small to medium sized projects. Stuff I can do:


Finally, school is almost done so maybe I'll have a little more time for my projects and such.

I've been working on Sysode lately, and it's been coming along. It's still very beta, so register if you must.
Me birthday is on the 23rd, and I've been thinking of getting a pi tattoo, maybe shoulder blade or chest somewhere. If not, was thinking about a Blackberry 8330. The G1 is on Rogers and I'm on Bell for the next 2 years....
Anyway, finally get some time off so going to go play ET:QW


It's finally Friday, been waiting all week. I now have four spare processors, dual Xeon socket 604 processors. It'd be great if I could use them.... Also have some RAM too, 4GB's in total!

Torrentino has been running fine so far, server load has been low. PunBB uses a small amount of CPU usage, Torrentino itself (the system) uses next to nothing. One server for the front end + PHP, another for static content (CSS, images, etc.). I could have another server just for PHP processing, if needed. Well, atleast I'll have the hardware to expand ;)

Ticketto - semi finished

I coded Ticketto in around 5 hours. You can check it out here: and try logging in with 'test' and 'test' respectivly. Also, check out the admin panel: using 'admin' and 'admin' for the username/password.


PHP Support Ticket System

Ticketto (rhymes with Geppetto) is new project I started today; it's based on mail (MailX) so the foundation is already there. A client can create a support ticket in different departments and view the response from staff/admin/whatever. Admins can have seperate departments, so three admins three departments.

The client will also have their own area for other stuff (I'm working on it.)

Anyway, it's Sunday so I'll be watching some TV (if the satelite isn't out still).


So, we moved 4Box Hosting to a new server (since it was on the clients server) the other day. The WHMCS SQL DB imported fine. But what else did I miss? The email forwarders. Great. Even the email accounts weren't set up. So for the last couple days we haven't received any emails, only those from from WHMCS cronjobs.

Free Cron Job Hosting

Nojde[] offers free cron job hosting, check em out!


Rokke was built out of complete boredom; A platform for freelance developers to sell their scripts.

This weekend I have four days off, so I might do a little work on WorkSimple. 1.3.0 should be released, as its a major improvement from 1.2.2b. It implements a new theme system.

Anyway, this month or next month, I might hold a contest for a free domain (.info). Rules? Most useful/helpful/creative/constructive comment. Sign up here so I know who to email incase you win.



Rokke Script Store

Rokke Script Store is a new PHP script store that offers low prices for quality PHP scripts. Currently it's in beta, but I'd suggest you to take a look!

Introduction to PHP: Part 1

This tutorial will cover the basics of installing PHP, getting it set up and even running a few scripts.

Some prequesists that I assume you have:

  • HTML knowledge (any will do)
  • Basic programming knowledge
  • The will to learn!

If you'd like to learn more about PHP and the history, I'd suggest you to read the Wikipedia page. Anyway, on with the article!


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