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My blog is quite...boring. Monotone. Uninteresting. You name it. So, the next couple blog posts are gonna be 'helpful' you could say. Tutorials (PHP, GIMP, Linux skills, etc..), news, hacks and so on.

Just got back from a nice tiring bike ride. Only -2C out side, so it wasn't too bad. Anyway, I think I'm gonna go work on my Twitter-clone, or sleep. Sleeping sounds better.

WorkSimple 1.2.2a Bug

A bug has been discovered in WorkSimple 1.2.2a where $lang isn't being defined so no text displays. For users that are using 1.2.2a, add this to your /data/conf.php file:
$lang = "langs/en.lang.php";
WorkSimple 1.2.2b will be released soon, fixing this bug and improving the all together code.

WorkSimplel 1.2.2a released!

WorkSimple 1.2.2a has been released! Check the download page or click here to download [ZIP]

Comments and ideas are appreciated :)


I'm not into social networking or that kind of stuff, but I decided to join Twitter instead. I installed two apps for my iPod for Twitter and I guess I exceed 100 requests an hour.
...So I decided to make my own microblogging site. Sounds like another useless script....but oh well, something to pass the time. Sounds like a good idea? Leave a comment and let me know.


It seems I get quite a number of hits from this blog entry. Below, I've included the microblogging script I made. 


I just added a bunch of modules to 2500mhz, so I should be getting some more traffic (and perhaps money).
I turned 'Developer mode' on in Mobile Safari on my iPod touch, I don't know why I didn't turn it on sooner. I found out what was going on in my HTML pages and CSS's. Maybe this weekend, I'll fix up MailX Mobile, Server Stat and a mobile Wiki.

Server Stat

There's an app in the AppStore called Server Database. A pretty simple app, made to manager servers and such. Enter the name, address, function for the server and you're good to go. Well, I decided to make my own version of it using iWebKit. You can check it out here. Its pretty simple, it's read only for now. I'll wrap it up in a tarball and put it on the 'Free PHP Scripts' page.  Anyway, just though I'd share that.

Refernece Wiki

I modified one of my own wiki scripts to conform with iWebKit to make a reference wiki. I was inspired by a PHP reference app in the AppStore so I decided to make my own (sorta). In short, you search for a function and view the correct syntax, etc... Sorta pointless but time consuming
Our team might go to the Provincials which is in March sometime
Anyway, Friday tomorrow w00t!

And the plot thickens....


Well, I was supposed to get my other webserver up and running today...but I forgot and instead played Rock Band all day. Meh, oh well.

I must of been the only person on earth that didn't know that VLC has a web interface. I saw it in a podcast I was watching. There's an app in the AppStore that lets you control VLC remotely, but is limited and you have to pay for the full version. But, now that I know that there is a web interface, I wouldn't need it!

Oh yeah, heres the link to my private messaging system: mail. Not sure what I'll officially name it, I could go with MailX (Like EngX, the search engine). Feel free to sign up, and send messages to 'easton' (no quotes, of course).

Just purchased '' (hopefully I spelled it right), so it should be active in the next 24 hours.
Update: Done, check it out:


I sorta got a working messaging system, as mentioned in my previous post. I'll FTP it to one of my servers and post the link back here.
I have basketball practice tonight, though I planned to put together flippy and physically move roppie, my CS:S server. jlap has been up 22 days, which is great.
Anyway, gonna have a little something to eat and go to practice.


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