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NES controller on the Raspberry Pi

Because I wanted the full experience, I wanted to hook up my NES controller to my Raspberry Pi and play NES games. I looked around and didn't find anything that fit my needs.

I wrote a script, that's up on Github now, that converts button presses on the NES controller to keyboard presses. So for example, by pressing the A button it registers as pressing the Z key on a keyboard. How to set it up is all right here.

I spliced the wires on the NES controller (thanks to this diagram) and used a breadboard to connect the appropriate wires to ground, +5V, the data, latch, and clock pin. Now I can play Mario in retroarch with a NES controller!

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Good job! I recently found myself trying to solve the same problem. Instead of possibly damaging my precious NES controller from my childhood, I opted for a the NES Female Port to USB Male adapter.

Unfortunately they sent me the damn USB NES RetroPad. On it, the left direction only works sometimes :(. BUT it does work with PiMAME out of the box!

Could You repost "this diagram" thing again please ?

I used a usb nes controller on my pi. (well one of my pi's haha)