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Torrentino & WorkSimple Progress

Progress on Torrentino has been slow. Really, theres one major bug that needs to be fixed (the Browse page, when the torrents update # of seeds, leechs, etc..) and other than that, its good to go. The ACP could use a little work, but whatever. The current theme is uhh....useable. Maybe there'll be another one.
On the other hand, I've been working on WorkSimple lately. Version 1.2.2 should be coming out soon, as soon I get this one thing figured out..... This will fix the major security flaws in version 1.2.1.
Its about 03:00 hrs here, 'twas play Fallout 3 for some hours before.
Well, I'm off to go play LEGO (yes, thats right, LEGO(I'm that bored)), I'll post back uhhhh tomorrow or today...whatever.