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I sorta got a working messaging system, as mentioned in my previous post. I'll FTP it to one of my servers and post the link back here.
I have basketball practice tonight, though I planned to put together flippy and physically move roppie, my CS:S server. jlap has been up 22 days, which is great.
Anyway, gonna have a little something to eat and go to practice.


So, I've had this idea of a personal messaging system. Sorta sounds stupid, but sounded cooler in my head.
Update: See here:
Need an account? Use the Contact page.
You sign up for an account (and thus can login later) and can talk to other people. So, its sorta like private messaging. Its more like an email than a IM chat. I thought of this while talking on MSN and needed to talk to people....but they were offline.

Why download then run a IM client when you can do it online? w00t I say! Not sure how other users know there is other users, but whatever. Seems cool.

Progress on Torrentino

Worked some more on Torrentino ( ), fixed some minor bugs. I reloaded (meaning, 'cleaned out') the database so I'm starting new. Tweaked some things so it may be faster than before...ooooooooor maybe not.
Finally got my watch that I ordered on the 12th. 35$ USD from the site, 53$ in total (S&H)........then another 17$ for customs! It works alright though, the write speed is slooooooow, 6MB/s. Oh well, its still pretty cool though.

Free web hosting, you say?

Yes, thats right! I've been doing a little more work on Web Host (web site hosting script) and planning on doing some free web hosting. Although I need to get my other server configured properly, I'll be using my own custom script. So far, the limits are:
-500KB per account (WILL be changed)
- Allowed file types (So far): .jpg, .gif, .bmp, .html, .htm
- Blacklisted files types (So far): .php, .phtml, .php3, .php4, .php5, .exe, .js, .inc
I still need to modify somethings first, allow CSS, maybe Javascript and update the members control panel (CP). Also, the URLs will be shorter. Instead of: it will probably end up being:

Torrentino & WorkSimple Progress

Progress on Torrentino has been slow. Really, theres one major bug that needs to be fixed (the Browse page, when the torrents update # of seeds, leechs, etc..) and other than that, its good to go. The ACP could use a little work, but whatever. The current theme is uhh....useable. Maybe there'll be another one.
On the other hand, I've been working on WorkSimple lately. Version 1.2.2 should be coming out soon, as soon I get this one thing figured out..... This will fix the major security flaws in version 1.2.1.

3 More Days

I spent last night (wait, I mean this morning) working on a wiki/GTD/project manager/whatever in PHP (of course, whatelse?). So far, users (uhh me?) can delete, edit and add pages/articles. Anyway, you can check it out here:
There's still lots to do, and I still need to name the script. If you have any ideas, suggestions, whatever post a comment.

Progress on Torrentino

I've been working more on Torrentino (TT) lately. I got AdBrite ads on there and I also fixed some other stuff too. I added a admin interface with a login system so everything essential is done. The next thing to fix/add is comments for each torrent and also have multiple pages for showing the files in the torrent. Anyways, I'm going to try Mythbuntu right now, it came in my magazine the yesterday. I'll report on how it goes tomorrow...or so...

(I didn't realize how boring these blog posts are.....jeez)


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