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With school finished with the exception of an exam or two and my domain back, I think I'll now have the motivation to get shit done.

Sysode is nearing completion: one of my projects that looks have decent. On the bad side, it uses PTB which would make it hardly scalable if at all. I could recode it so Sysode uses SQLite but I'd rather write it from scratch than transfer it. To make it feel better, a VPS would be ideal but wouldn't solve the problem.

Anyway, with my domain back (woot!) I think I'll go about fixing some stuff on this site.



iPhone borken

Yes, I purposely spelled that wrong. Anyway, the entire left of the touchscreen on my iPhone doesn't work. Plugged it in at night, then didn't work in the morning. So, I've had to suffer only using the right side of the screen for the last two weeks. Going to have to restore back to factory defaults, package it up and send it off.


Luckily, I've been somewhat productive lately. I've added some new features toSysode, the free project management app I've been working on since late August. There only needs to be a couple features added (member search, user control panel, etc.) and then it'll be mostly done (err..). And, for once, it looks half decent.


School'll be out in about two weeks; summer job then. Makin' bank...

Progress on nothing

Domain expired little while ago (, so all my links are now dead. Ugh. I didn't raise any money whatsoever through donations so I couldn't renew the domain. The URL for my blog is the original,


Anyway, Sysode got some new features. Users can now make projects publicly available for viewing. Public users can view the overview of the project, bugs and tasks. More to come, as well. Speed could be an issue down the road, Sysode is one of my bigger projects. Conversion to MySQL or PostreSQL might be needed down the road, as it uses pjjTextBase instead. For the amount of users now (that is, none), it runs fine. 

All of my projects are falling behind. I'm falling behind. Torrentino hasn't changed in months now, other than the new ads I added last week. I get decent traffic on my website, but sadly, no money. At least hosting is free, thanks to Web Hosting Serice (thanks a lot!). WorkSimple is stable yet theres an exploit or two that's out there. I don't know why I'm not worry about that. Rest of my site is in a state of disorganization, and frankly, I don't care. That's me.


Friday night, four day weekend w00t. Got 10.5.2 running again, as when I installed a Ti 200 (swapping it out for a Geforce 5200), OpenSolaris wouldn't boot properly. Everything was messed up. Since I'm that lazy, I douched it out for OS X.


Red meat

Since my boredom has been growing substantially over the last couple days, I thought of building a SAN. Yes, a SAN, not a NAS. Get another web server running and put it in a round robin type config. Set up a SAN for centeralized storage (among other things), then yay!


Really, it's just an excuse to build more servers and use ports on my 24 port switch....


WorkSimple 1.2.3 was released the other day, improved on some things, 'optimized' some code.

Sysode has been going pretty well, though I'm concerned if I have the need to scale up/out. The underlying code is quite messy, I'm not a fan of neat looking code nor whitespace. I should improve on the looks of my code, it may actually be maintainable...


I 'got' some new music,  an album by Suspekt (Danish hip-hop group) and Flyh (Swedish progressive psytrance group). I wasn't really sure what progressive psy[trance] was, as I usually listen to dark and melodic psy. It turns out, its quite different (but still in the same realm) than other subgenres. It focuses more on the 'background' than the 'foreground', to say. Equally intensive.

On another note, I'm akin to non-English rap (and other genre's too ). Edo Maajka, Asa, NTM, Tungtvann and now Suspekt make up the majority of my non-English rap/hiphop listening experience.

English lyrics is soo overated.....

'or 1=1

Jeez, almost been a week since my last blog post. Recently, I've been working on Sysode more and more. Numerous bugs have been fixed, yet there are more and more features everytime I work on it. It's open for registration, but more than likely your account will be deleted if you end up signing up.
I'm open for any feedback on it :D

I was planning on finding a job this summer, but well, I haven't gotten around to it yet. Staples seems interesting, but meh. Retail doesn't interest me at all. I could always freelance though, little scripting and remote adminstration on the side to bring in some green.


I installed Synergy on my workstation and my two other laptops (which are on either side of my tri-monitor workstation). All I can say is amazing. So much more convenient and productive.

'Bout 05:00 here, I'll wrap up working on Sysode then hit the ol' dusty trail ;)


Finally, school is almost done so maybe I'll have a little more time for my projects and such.

I've been working on Sysode lately, and it's been coming along. It's still very beta, so register if you must.


Me birthday is on the 23rd, and I've been thinking of getting a pi tattoo, maybe shoulder blade or chest somewhere. If not, was thinking about a Blackberry 8330. The G1 is on Rogers and I'm on Bell for the next 2 years....


Anyway, finally get some time off so going to go play ET:QW

Google Chrome dev on Linux

Google officially released Chrome for Mac and Linux.

Grab the x86 .deb package here, and run dpkg -i google-chrome-unstable_current_i386.deb 

Got around to installing Chrome on my Thinkpad running Xubuntu. I can say for sure that it uses less resources compared to Firefox. For the most part, it works. Google stresses that it's not suitable for general use, there are many privacy features that just aren't there yet. I haven't had it crash...yet.


In other news, I'm still sketching out the plans for Sysode. One thing that might be a pain, is automation. I dreamt of it being similar to Dropbox, but I make web shit not software. I'm also looking for a graphic designer to make a logo for it, so if you have any offers leave a comment ;)



Sysode is a simplified file backup system for developers. Really, none of the code has been put together as I'm still 'brainstorming'. It's mainly targeted at single developers or small teams, for backup and archival purposes. (Free of course)
"Hey, did you get version YZ from X?"


"Login to our Sysode account and get it!"

Not sure how [specifically] it's going to work. Setting up a good API so [other] developers can write stuff for it is a must.


Any comments on this idea, or other stuff is appreciated :)